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1893 Fully Restored Steinway & Sons Model A


This piano is a 6ft. lin. Grand with Piano Disc Prodigy player system. Finished in ebony satin, s/n 79989. This is a beautiful Victorian Steinway that plays and sounds new. There is no visible control box for the player system and it is wirelessly controlled with your iPad. Come and see this special piano!

1905 Steinway & Sons Model A


Six-foot two-inch Victorian grand, s/n 119628. Rebuilt and refinished by our company in 2000. The rebuild included a new soundboard, bridges, pinblock, strings, tuning pins, dampers, and action. This Steinway is in excellent condition with a beautiful tone. The action plays like dream.

1980 Yamaha Model CF Concert Grand


1980 Yamaha Model CF Concert Grand. We replaced the strings, tuning pins, hammers, shanks, and flanges approximately ten years ago. It has had very little use since. This piano has a great big Concert Grand sound with fast, responsive action. You will notice in the photo gallery that it has stage casters. No stage dolly necessary! Ebony Polish finish. Serial number 3120100.

1982 Hamburg Steinway and Sons Model A


Six-foot two-inch grand piano.  Serial number 474159.  Finished in polished ebony.  This piano is a great example of German craftsmanship.  Lovely clear tone with fantastic Renner action.  This piano is in “as new” condition!

1984 Kawai Model GS 50


Six foot, eight inch Grand piano. Finished in ebony polish, serial number 1443798.

This beautiful Kawai was sold new in Denver and was in the same home until we received it. In like new condition with a big warm Kawai sound. This is a lot of piano for this price.

1994 Steinway and Sons Model L 5′ 10″ Grand


Finished in ebony polish serial number 528554.  This beautiful Steinway is signed by Henry Z. Steinway. It also comes with a Steinway and Sons coffee table book that tells the story of the Steinway legacy also signed by Henry Z. Steinway.  This piano was purchased new in Denver and has always been here.  Beautiful touch and tone.  Come play this fabulous Steinway!

1999 Seiler Model 180 


Finished in satin mahogany 5Ft. 11In. grand.  Serial number 159277.  We originally sold this one. This piano has had one owner and is a beautiful example of new German craftsmanship.  It stayed in one home its entire life in Golden, CO and is in “as new” condition.

This all-German piano was made in Bavaria and has great action and a clear tone.  

Come play this wonderful piano!

2000 Seiler Model 180 Maestro


Beautiful Pyramid Mahogany!  We sold this fantastic all German piano new in 2000.  This piano has been in one home in CO and serviced by our company from new.  It’s in excellent condition. Great all Renner action.  Great tone and touch.  Come play this fantastic piano!

2001 Bluthner Model 2


Seven-foot eight-inch grand.  Finished in ebony polish.  Serial number 150348.  We sold this one new and have always maintained it at the highest level.  Beautiful clean and clear Bluthner tone.  Big rich bass that comes from a large grand.  Spectacular treble from the exclusive 4 strings per note.  Beautifully made in Leipzig, Germany.  Bluthner is owned by the founder’s family for over 150 years!

2005 Mason & Hamlin Model A. Serial number 92102


We sold this beautiful five-foot-eight-inch grand new in 2005 and have maintained it at the highest level. Finished in ebony polish.  Great big Mason & Hamlin sound.  Fully regulated, voiced, and tuned, in excellent condition!

2007 Mason & Hamlin Model A 5ft 8in Grand


This grand piano is finished in classic ebony polish, serial number 92502.  We sold this one new and have maintained it at the highest level.  No one but our company has ever worked on this one-owner piano, so we know it well.

Beautiful rich Mason & Hamlin sound.  Great action.